IFATC Presents: Hong Kong Fly-In Featuring Draco_Dai & virginatlantic28


Welcome to our IFATC Official Event Series! Today’s event will be a fly-in. Our fly-in events will feature controllers who are realism-experts of a specific airfield. They will provide the procedures, brief the controllers, and make sure the event is running smoothly.

Featured Controllers


Hallo everyone! My name is Draco. I am 20 years old now and I live in the city of Guangzhou, China. I always do planespotting and play IF in my spare time. The airports most my photos from are ZGGG, ZGSZ, VHHH and VMMC. In order to photograph the aircrafts I want without mistake, I must be familiar with the realism operation of these airports. This is the reason why I always want to do realism police at these airports.

​I started to play IF since 2014 but only did some solo flights at that moment. Fast track to 2021, I backed to IF and started to get global server and enjoy it with the players from all over the world! In April of 2022, I decided to join IFATC team and start the process with my recruiter Lesty and trainer LordWizrak. After being trained, I finally join this wonderful team in May. Thanks them for giving me chance bringing me in!! And now I am acting as a specialist and tester in IFATC and doing my training to become an officer with my trainer Toaster. I really enjoy being a part of IFATC and meeting so many wonderful friends here! Cheers! 🍺


Hey there, I am Leo and I’m from Hong Kong, so I am a VHHH realism police. I started playing IF before global was a thing, which certainly generated my passion for aviation. With 2000hours on log, I try to fly whenever I can. I am part of 2 VAs and also an IFATC specialist, joining the team last month. I actually enjoyed every part of it.

Event Details

Date & Time: September 11, 2022 2:00 PMSeptember 11, 2022 4:00 PM
Server: Expert
Airport: VHHH

NOTAM From Featured Controllers

① all arrival from norths must not enter left base 07s or right base 25s directly.

Red line: should not be used at all times.
Purple: 07 ops
yellow: 25 ops

② Inbound aircrafts should NOT be descent to the altitude below 15,700ft, outbound aircrafts should climb to altitude above 15,700ft before entering Guangzhou Center (If outbounds file BEKOL SIDs, their altitude when entering Guangzhou Center will definitely meet the requirements). If aircrafts not meet the altitude restrictions they will make conflicts with the traffics of VMMC, ZGSZ even ZGGG.


This looks like great fun !!!

This event is on Sunday


is this like a Drummer Flash Flight

Thats awesome! I can’t wait!😍


Wonderful ! :) Hopefully I’ll be able to join ! ;)

Tat grt i m wait for it😁

Really happy to see a realistic event! Good luck to all ATC :)


I will probably fly in from LAX it will take 13:30 to do but I don’t care it will be fun

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Flying in from SEA in a Cathay 350!

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Flying from MNL now on Cathay A333

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I’ve got about 3.5 hours left from LAX

Welp. Looks like I’m too early

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Feel free to hop on a short flight from RCKH!

It was such a great experience flying here!
There were like 7 ATC controllers splitting VHHH and even with so many inbounds, they were handled with grace.

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