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I’ve got my IFATC written test soon, any tips on how to pass? Is it easy?

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If you watched all youtube tutorials and read the manual you have good chances to pass!

The IFATC written test is easy if you know what you’re doing. The best way to ensure that you are ready for the test and know what you’re doing, is to view all of the ATC tutorials in #tutorials. There is no better way to prepare for the test than this, and it gives you a good chance at passing.


Read tutorial section and watch youtube videos…all the answers there. Nothing outside those materials.

I’d say it is hard if you don’t watch the tutorials, i tried 2 times to do the test months and months ago (when I wasn’t really dedicated) but failed both times, but now I’ve realized how easy it actually is, i passed my written with 92% and now I’m awaiting my practical, I definitely feel more ready than ever.


I’d suggest to read every questions very GOOD. Know what you’re doing. Take some pen and paper and be confident! Read the ATC manual once again before taking the test.

If you studied well, you’ll be fine.


The written test is easy, if you know the material. Easy is not something set in stone. It is easy to fail the test as well. I recommend not thinking of it as the enemy or as impossible but as a help thing. That allows you to remove the stress without being super cocky. You need to have enough time, in a quick and peaceful environment with a computer and good wifi. Also, I recommend having a bottle of water next to you in case you need it. It is good if you get into a zone and you don’t want your thirst to get you out of that zone.
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Expand please.

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Think of the test, as a helpful guide that you need critical thinking skills for. Some questions cannot be rehearsed for but are questions that test your ATC mindset and crisis skills. If you keep a piece of paper with you, you can look at the situation, make a decision and THEN find the answer that is the closest to the one you came up with. It is a multiple choice test, so some up with your answer and then find the closest one on the list. If you are stuck then use the method of elimination, eliminate the answers that you are sure are incorrect then make your decision based on the remaining answers.

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