IFATC preferred interface

I am considering getting a new device to use for IFATC, as my iPhone is rather small and isn’t the fastest, im wondering what others are using and have had success with?

Thanks in advance!


I am using an iPad, and I believe that is the best for controlling. You will get more screen space so you can have more aircraft without scrolling (on the right-hand side of your screen) and approach headings are easier to do.

I have tried controlling with a phone, but find that it is easier with an ipad


I can say, any tablet will be a big improvement. It’s so much more comfortable especially when it comes to the usability of the command strip. You won’t regret your update. I’m using an iPad Pro rn.

If you plan on sticking with Tower and Ground controlling, getting a larger screen is not all that necessary; but, if you do a lot of flying or want to move up to Radar, a tablet would be best. Try to find other uses for an iPad so it’s really worth the investment. I use mine for school, Infinite Flight, and flight training, so I’m personally happy with where I put my money.

Hey Mate:

I really enjoy my ipad pro - with pencil on smart keyboard. It allows me to get work done on other devices while waiting on traffic.

It’s reliable and fast.

Also my fat fingers appreciate the pencil



@lucaviness @Jshnlsn thanks for the suggestions! It sounds like an iPad might be my best shot. I use an iPad for work, but my employer has controls on the iPad so I can’t download IF. It also stores about 300GB of charts and aircraft systems data, so im not sure if it’d be the best idea to try and force it to run Infinite flight live as well.

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iPad really does the job. Bigger screen, less chance of misclicks (Even though I still misclick a lot lol). Recommend the pro

I only use an iPhone 6s. The performance controlling for me has never changed over the years, just need to have the ATC Camera off. No one will know you use a phone unless you tell them. ;)

Thanks for the response @trio, definitely will have to keep the camera trick in mind in the future

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