IFATC practice

Hey, i would love if 4-6 people could join my ATC Practice test so i could practice a bit. It will last 30min on LFLL At 1800Z. I will practice Patterns, Transitions, Runway Change, Ground Awarness.

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I recommend following this guide to create a tracking thread.

It will be 1830Z change of plans:)

Isn’t it ‘I myself’? Grammarrrrrrrrr!

Also on another note, I will try to join, depending on my current flight

I made a thread:) I think so🤣

Tsk… I will have to have a word with @AviatorRyan about their shocking behaviour!

Can you send the thread link here?

How far are you in the process? I’d love to come by and help out sometime. Today unfortunately won’t work for me. But feel free to tag or message me on our discord anytime.

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Yeah, i am about to have my practical test after i get a bit comfy with my ATC skills:)

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Wonderful! I’ll do what I can to help!

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Thank you Rick:)

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