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Hey y’all!

When I don’t have a lot of spare time to fly, I usually take a role as an ATC. I had never thought ATC could be both so enjoyable yet satisfyingly demanding that I started developing an interest in becoming IF-certified ATC (or IFATC, if you will). I started from almost-zero knowledge of being an ATC and worked my way up in the Training Server, constantly learning how to maintain separation between A/Cs. I currently have 300+ operations so far and have well-served busy airports like KJFK, KSFO, and KLAX (mostly in Ground/Tower, which are my favourites!)

I was wondering how I should prepare myself for the IFATC exam. I really wanna experience the professionalism that is offered in the Expert Server and serve pilots in the server. I find ATC-ing pilots very fun and although challenging, it trains myself how to think effectively and efficiently.


Hey @EdgyEugene

So IFATC is a lot of fun and there are some ways to practice for it. First off I would recommend taking a look at the video that is in the thread I linked below. If you still feel as if you have a bunch of questions and concerns after watching that video I recommend getting a trainer which is also explained on that thread. The trainers can help you out with any questions and they will train you until they see that you are ready to take the test which normally recruits are able to pass with ease


Head over to the Infinite Flight YouTube channel where you will find loads of ATC tutorials.

Good luck on your journey!


Yes IFATC Is definitely worth the effort. It’s fun, sometimes challenging. But that’s what you prepare for.
For the Written exam take a pen and paper to your computer. Draw up a rectangle, that can be your runway. As you do questions draw on the paper to help you get your answer.

For the practical.
Don’t be nervous, watch Tyler’s video before doing the practical.
If you think you’re giving them the correct command do not doubt yourself. Do what you think is right. Mistakes are made to be corrected and if you don’t pass you will hopefully correct them for the next test.
Good luck


Thanks for you guys’ feedbacks, @Trevor_A @LachyRobertson and @Oliver02!

Definitely will be something to achieve for after my university midterm exams are over! I greatly appreciate your tips!


In addition to the good tips above, you can consider opening an ATC tracking thread on this forum. If you search tracking thread you find some good examples. This is a great way to announce you’re opening an airport, and ask pilots to fly for you and give you feedback.

All the best!


We need people like you, with dedication and sense of realism in our great IFATC group! 🙌🏼


You have a lot of great ideas here. Include creating a tracking thread and practicing and getting feedback as well. That way you go into your practical with great knowledge and a better chance to succeed.

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Thanks @DirkGiessmann !

Definitely looking forward to serve you someday in the future, once I obtain my IFATC status 😉

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Thanks @Adam_Macaulay!

I’ll definitely start a Tracking Thread from now on and let people know whenever I open up an ATC. I would definitely love others’ feedbacks on my performance so I can continue to provide the best service possible to “heaven-ize” the skies of IF! 😁

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I would love a chance at ATC also, I will be grade 3 flyer soon and wondered if I can still fly whilst I’m not on ATC?

Yes of course we all fly 😉

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I was wondering how I should prepare myself for the IFATC exam?

Read the tutorials:
IFATC tutorials
Watch the youtube tutorials:
IFATC youtube
and study a lot!
I’ve found a problem, I have passed my IFATC theory test, told the person who sent me the link but I’ve never received a reply from him about planning the practical test. What should I do? Thanks!

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