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Can some please let me know the difference in this question

Hi Asur,

In this particular question, Iberia 550 is placed directly outside of the 36L cone, meaning they are heading straight in toward 36L.

A continue inbound instruction would only be used in cases where the aircraft is still too far away for a pattern entry to be issued or current traffic levels prohibit it from being issued while the controller determines what to do with current traffic.

In this case, as it states Iberia 550 is directly outside of the cone, they are generally close enough to be issued a pattern entry, which would be “enter straight in” or “enter left downwind” for example, instead of a continue inbound call.

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This one is tricky with words

I miss interpreted this to be this scenario because of the word parlel taxiways

Even in the scenario in your hand-drawn picture: give-way would be the best response.

You should always try and use give-way rather than hold position because give-way allows the aircraft to continue taxi at their own discretion once the other aircraft has passed rather than having to wait for you to tell them to continue taxi (something which is easily forgotten if the airport is busy).

Interesting to know give way is preferred. I am learning . But in the above scenario isn’t the speed bird close to the runway and makes sense to let him go first ?

I observe ATC in expert server . And the above situation just happened where ATC gave an instruction to the aircraft on the far end plane in a parllel taxiway to give way to aircraft on the left . Adding screen shots

He let the closes one to the runway go first

From what I can gather the plane on the left (on the inner taxiway) is being told to give way to the plane on the right (on the main taxiway - but its on the left from the pilots perspective).

That makes sense to me to give the one closer to the RWY the priority.

plane close to the runway is Singapore.

Yeah so that makes sense then - the plane on the main taxiway and/or closer to the RWY should get priority in the scenario.

Well I think we are on the same page . Just that the practice test question was mistranslated by me when they mentioned parallel runways . I appreciate your swift response.

No problem - any other questions feel free to PM me.

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