IFATC - Paris Tower Session

Hello everyone! A few days ago I had some fun tackling LFPG without Approach (for roughly over half the time of the video), with arrivals from everywhere it was quite difficult keeping up with sequencing for each runway. I found using 360s and utilising all avaliable runways to keep aircraft at a safe distance worked best.

There were some interesting laggy aircraft and disappearing aircraft in this timelapse. I didn’t report anyone myself, Ground had reported a few on their frequency though. I seem to work well with pilots when controlling, I’ve never reported someone because of their own mistake, all have been device/game error (and reversed).

Anywho, @ShaneAviation created a beautiful timelapse on this video. Why not have a watch and see if you can spot yourself?



Beautiful ATC work on tower. ❤️

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Amazing, nice job Ethan.

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