IFATC.org down?

NB: Thought this was the most appropriate category as it concerns the IFATC website.

The website ifatc.org isn’t loading for me. It keeps saying “Can’t Connect to the Server”. Is it down for anyone else. I’ve tried loading through WiFi and through Ethernet but neither work.

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When I click the link it takes me to a car insurance thing

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There’s two different websites: if-atc.com and ifatc.org - ifatc.org allowed you to view number of inbounds to an airport and things like that.

The owner of the third-party site has been tagged many times and they’ll attempt to fix it if it’s something they wish to continue supporting.

They’re an inactive user of IFATC and have no obligation to maintain the site. It does cost them in time and money to keep this site running and there is a chance it’s been discontinued. If so, we appreciate @rebal15 allowing us to use his creation over the years!