IfATC observer

Hi I was just wondering if non-IFATC members could atleast just spawn into an active ATC on expert as an observer and see it’s command and radar screen. That would give us more insight on what’s happening and it would be a great learning curve. Also it would help IFATC recruitment if that time could be tracked and used as a measure.

There are current controllers who upload a screen recording of their sessions onto YouTube. This would be a far better option.


You mean by YouTube video is better option or this feature.?

He means that a couple of people who are apart of IFATC upload videos of them controlling.

I know what he said. I asked what he means by “This” is a better option. This refer to what…? I really feel this would atleast give us more insight. And a good time for disobedient pilots to groom. I open up in training server a lot. And some pilots are really headache on frequency. I barely think 10% of them go to YouTube to watch tutorial. If it’s an in-app feature. They’ll probably opt for it more often.

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I’m my opinion it would be a better option because you get the first person POV of the controller.


Thanks. It would be a kind gesture if I could have a vote please.

You should vote on your own feature request. :)

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I don’t see why not for people to learn from current controllers and improve by watching them.

I think this idea is fairly unique as youtube videos can only cover that much


I don’t like it. It’s like liking your own status on Facebook. I want others to judge my concept.

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Your best option is to get in contact with a IFATC trainer, and have some practice sessions with them.

Here’s where you can find the trainers.^

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I’ve already contacted a trainer and a recruiter. Hopefully will control on expert server soon. Thank you. :)

Brand new channel. 1 hour controlling near Germany im trying to get audio involved. Check it out!

EDIT: I recorded my footage with my phone on mute, that’s why the audio doesn’t work. One hour of ATC for nothing. Sorry all

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I do like the idea behind your post here.
While this feature doesnt’t exist, there are already ways to observe ATC’s on Expert. The cool thing is now, that as a Pilot, on the radar screen you can see when an aircraft is communicating; the aircraft name blinks in colour when it transmits.
Ground control, an important and underestimated part of ATC work, can be observed by simply spawning; just sit at your gate, while observerving communication and aircraft movement.
Tower control you can observe, when flying, but this is harder, as you need to focus on your flight. Same with Approach.

As IFATC, I have seen pilots, parked on Ground, switch to Tower and even Radar frequency, to observe. And I think this is fine - as long as they don’t move.

I still think, the best way to learn, is to control yourself, and invite others for your practice. We have many learners opening tracking threads, and I think this works well.