IFATC Oakland Center Is Unresponsive

So I am currently En-route from Las Vegas to San Francisco and I am trying to talk to ATC but he keeps on ignoring me. I get the frequency is busy, but when I am seeing peoples messages that get sent after me are getting responded to but not mine. My callsign is Frontier Flight 2079.

UPDATE: They finally talked to me!

Patience is key :), just remember to not resend the messages or there is a possibilty of being reported

Be patient and wait! Thanks 😊

If you continue to send messages, you may be reported.*!

Enjoy your flight. :)


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The frequency is very busy at the moment because San Francisco has 300 arrivals.

Just be calm don’t send duplicate messages


Adding on to the above, if they for whatever reason are really unresponsive and aren’t responding to any aircraft, then they will be removed from the session after 60 seconds

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It’s important that we are showing patience with IFATC today. There’s so much traffic that controllers at SFO IRL would be shocked. When you send your request it sends a flash to the controller that keeps flashing until they help you out. They will get to everyone eventually