IFATC: Now in Birmingham, AL!

Today is the day…
the great, dazzling city of Birmingham, Alabama gets IFATC service!

(Source: MAA)

I am so excited!

(Source: Jetphotos)

This dazzling little airport has two long runways, scenic approaches, and is a great spot for spotting IRL.

Thank you, all IFATC members, for choosing this airport. I am so happy right now!


Might try to fly there :)


All thanks to Tyler, who chose it in the first place. Hope to see you there!


KBHM is one of my home airports; it has a special place in my heart. And yes, I will be there; see you there, @TaipeiGuru!

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I used to live there. But now I live in Virginia.


Thought you were talking about Birmingham in the UK for a second there


I got pretty excited thinking you were talking about Birmingham, UK. You might want to add Alabama to the title.

Same here lol

for everyone who lives in uk, people who see the title will think its Birmingham uk


They’re going to DCA too! 😀

By the way it’s featured on Tuesday

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I had an APU over temp master warning there last week taxiing to the gate 🤣

Why if I read Birmingham I think about Birmingham (EGBB) in the UK and not Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport (KBHM)… Maybe because I am from the Netherlands, EU?


My sister lives and studies her MASTERS at university in Birmingham. She moved there less than a month ago and is my only sibling. How do you think I cope 😂

@Gtmkm98 I guess you love it since you’re only a highway up from it then. I guess when/if you do travel, you generally travel from Birmingham?

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I usually fly out of KBNA, which is one of my home airports, aside from KHSV and KBHM. I flew out of KBHM to Dallas-Fort Worth a few months ago.

As this airport is just down I-65 about Fifty miles from my home, it is one of my main airports.

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