IFATC not showing on status page and ATIS unavailable

I’m using an android phone. LG V30+

IF version 20.03.04 (1015) updated yesterday.

When I opened EGHH as an IFATC on Expert about 20 minutes ago I noticed limited ATIS functionality - visibility, temp and altimeter all missing.

I also noticed that EGHH has not shown up on the status page with all the other IFATC airports open on the server.
I went to IFATC.org and I’m showing up as open there.

Thoughts on how to fix?

I opened OAKB on the IFATC server and ATIS worked after loading for about 30 seconds.

I still didn’t show up on the status page though.

This is a known issue and will be fixed soon.

Some airports don’t have the full weather for ATIS

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Building off on that, if you don’t have a stable connection, it may not show you as open. When my wifi was acting up in the past, I was open but I wasn’t necessarily connected to the live server so people couldn’t see me and my airport didn’t show up

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