IFATC Newsletter - November 2019 Edition

IFATC Newsletter - November 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first ever edition of the IFATC Newsletter.

The IFATC Newsletter is a monthly newsletter that will be released to the Infinite Flight Community and directly to the IFATC controllers and team.

Each month the newsletter will contain the latest and greatest news from IFATC, including an interview each month from one of our controllers, the controller statistics for the most time and operations and last but by no means least, detailed articles on areas of the manual, whilst diving into further detail…plus much more!

So here we go… here is the IFATC Newsletter - November 2019 edition:

IFATC Newsletter - November 2019

Please let me know what you all think as I want to tailor this to you guys, so the community gets the most enjoyment and benefit out of it.


This is very interesting, actually quite surprising. I’ll try to see how this goes and give feedback along the way when possible.

However, what I can say about this currently is keep up the great work! It’s very interesting on the way you format and word different things, it makes it much more intriguing which means it’s fantastic!

12h of ATC? How’s that even possible? Respect Brian! 😱

Fantastic job creating this Declan 😊


Thank you @Declan_O

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I like the idea of the newsletter. Would be great if there were some tips/reminders etc for pilots on communicating with ATC, procedures etc etc, the list is endless. May be an added incentive for pilots to also read.

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What’s one of your most favourite moments at the IFC @Marc?

“The most recent LHR Community Meet-Up”

🤗 That made my day. I was very quiet when I was at the meet up, but also very happy to meet you all, and being honest when I was still a new flyer there, only 400 hours, now with 1400 and plenty of experience on the community and with hundreds of members, I’d love to have another meet up some time in the summer 🤩

You’ll like next month’s edition then. ;)


I appreciate the kind words mate. Always try and change things around to keep it interesting for the reader. I’m glad you like it.

I know, I thought the same! An amazing effort. Thanks for the kind words as well Marc.

Yeah, I’ve received the same sort of feedback from other community members and IFATC controllers, so expect more of that in next months edition.

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This is awesome and you should continue.

Thanks for the kind words! That’s certainly my plan and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. :)

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Really interesting concept! Looking for more newsletter!

Don’t worry, this was the first edition. Next months newsletter has already got a lot planned and in-store for it. Should be a good one.

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A very interesting read, really enjoyed that.
Well done👍🏻

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