IFATC Newsletter | March 2022 Edition | Out Now

Here he, here he! The March 2022 Edition of the IFATC Newsletter is now live!

This month has all your same great goodies as before but as usual we have a guest interview and that guest is … me! I

I have recently had a Q&A with the IFATCEG group and have linked that article in the blog post!

Other than that we have our usual set of items which are the following:

  • Interview with me
  • Welcoming our new IFATC Trainers
  • IFATC Statistics
  • Controlling Tips
  • 22.2 has been released!
  • Radar Screenshot
  • A little Quiz based on one of the 22.2 screenshots

Here she is!

I also want to give a massive shoutout to the other 2 writers of the IFATC Newsletter who are

I thank you all for your continued support! :D

Happy reading and until next month stay safe and continue moving aircraft


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