IFATC Newsletter - January 2020 Edition

IFATC Newsletter - January 2020 Edition

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m proud to present you the third installment of the IFATC Newsletter!

The IFATC Newsletter is a monthly newsletter that is released to the Infinite Flight Community and directly to the IFATC Controllers and team.

Each month the newsletter will contain the latest and greatest news from IFATC, including an interview each month from one of our controllers the controller statistics for the most time and operations and last but by no means least, detailed articles on areas of the manual, whilst diving into further detail… plus much more!

So without any further delay… here is the IFATC Newsletter - January 2020 Edition:

IFATC Newsletter - January 2020 Edition

Please let me know what you all think as I want to tailor this to you guys, so the community gets the most enjoyment and benefit out of the newsletter. Your feedback is appreciated and helps us grow!


Love reading the newsletter! I don’t think @Prashant_Divedi will ever be beaten, a true terrific controller. I can almost be ready to open the ATC tab right before he sends me a command! Perfect control of each and every aircraft!


Glad you enjoy reading the newsletter. Prashant has gotten the most Ops 3 months in a row now!


Impressive stats! Thanks for sharing (and making the newsletter)!

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No worries, I’m glad that you enjoyed the newsletter!


Definitely did! Thanks!

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190 pilots attended the summit! That would have been interesting to watch ATC handle that. This was my first newsletter that I read and they are definitely pretty interesting🙂

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I’m glad you enjoyed it. I controlled approach for a portion of the event and loved every second of it! As the old saying goes ‘Team work, makes the dream work!’

I saw a thread that there were 10 tower frequencies/controllers, was that true, if so was each controller just assigned a runway to manage?

It was split up into runways and airspace sections. For example one tower frequency controlled 22’s, another controlled 21’s and 9R. Ground controllers controlled separate terminals. We had ATIS open, approach was split in 2, one controlling 22R arrivals and the other controlling 21L arrivals and then also departure.

That really shows the scale and teamwork that went into the summit, hopefully I can attend the next one🙂

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Until people join IFATC, they really don’t realize just how much teamwork goes into everything we do. There’s a reason the ability to adapt and adjust is so important!

Wonderfully written, Declan :)

Thanks so much mate, it means so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

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I love reading these! Keep making them and ol’ BennyBoy = happy

Thanks mate, appreciate that and I’m glad that you enjoy reading them. I certainly don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Great read! Thanks for the info. 👍

No worries, I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

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Such a cool insight, Bravo!

Thanks mate, appreciate it! Glad that you enjoyed it.

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