IFATC Newsletter | Back Bigger and Better | August 2021 Edition Out Now!

IFATC Newsletter | August 2021 Edition Out Now!

Ladies and gentlemen, you may be able to guess… the IFATC Newsletter is BACK! Bigger and better than before. We had a false start a few months ago, but we are back and ready to bring you the latest news from the realms of IFATC on a monthly basis.

Each edition will release on 1st of each month and will be available for your viewing pleasure in a PDF format which will be linked below.

The IFATC Newsletter showcases a range of interested and unique articles to give you an insight into IFATC as well as including an interview each month from a member of IFATC or the IFC Community.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out the latest edition of the IFATC Newsletter (August 2021) linked below as well as our previous editions.

Stay safe everyone!

The Latest Edition (August 2021): IFATC Newsletter August 2021

You can also find all the previous editions when available linked below:

IFATC Newsletter November 2019
IFATC Newsletter December 2019
IFATC Newsletter May 2020


Finally it’s back! Great job Declan!

Looks great Declan, glad to see it return!

Thanks Cris, appreciate the support and hope you enjoyed the read.

Thanks mate, I’m happy to see that you enjoyed it and appreciate the kind words. Certainly plenty more to come as well!


Looking forward to it :)

The edition is out now and you can view it from the link above in the main post.

Thanks for the support mate and hope you enjoy the read!

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What a nice Topic, Thanks D-ECCO

Good job @Declan_O ,

Thanks mate, appreciate the support and hope you enjoyed this edition!

Thanks mate, appreciate the kind words.


Great work as per usual, keep it up!

Nice job!!

I haven’t been on in so long, and the first thing I see is the IFATC Newsletter. Love how this is still around!

Thanks Nico, appreciate the kind words.

Thanks mate, appreciate it!

Thanks for the kind words mate. Plenty of more editions to come as well.


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