IFATC Network | The Breakdown Podcast | Episode #2 - Featuring Arian_N (IFATC Specialist & Long-Time VATSIM Controller)

Episode #2 - Featuring @Arian_N

Welcome to the second episode in a beginning series of podcasts with the goal of bringing our lovely community together. In this podcast, IFATC Network will be interviewing influential or experienced individuals within the Infinite Flight ATC, IFAET, IFVARB, Infinite Flight Moderation, or Infinite Flight staff communities. In this podcast, we will be inviting them to share their stories and broaden our communities understanding of those who play very influential, essential, or unique roles, within our community.

I encourage all users to watch this podcast in its entirety, as it serves an educational purpose for all levels of the community. Ranging from questions about entering the Expert Server, all the way to complex procedures of the VATSIM network.

Special thanks to the IFATC Network Team for making this podcast possible on the logistical and technical fronts.

Stay tuned for Episode Three, featuring @Tyler_Shelton

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Thank you for taking the time to view this episode. It is always appreciated if avid users subscribe to our Youtube channel to see more of these amazing podcasts from our IFATC team!


Upcoming Podcast

Stay tuned! Infinite Flight ATC’s The Breakdown Episode #3 Featuring, @Tyler_Shelton airing in the next 24 hours.

Topics discussed such as the future of Infinite Flight, Tyler’s background, information for prospective IFATC controllers, inside looks with IFATC development history, hot topics within our community, and more!



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