IFATC must be active on IFC (request)

I think that there should be a requirement for IFATC to be active on the IFC. Many of them are, but today I tried to contact an IFATC member, and they had no read time on IFC, and had never been seen. So since they are pointed to as the first points of contact to apologize, explain your actions, ask about there actions, and many many more things I feel like it should be a requirement for them to be active on IFC the same it is for them to be active on IF as ATC…

  • Yes, I agree this should be a requirement
  • No, we shouldn’t force them to be part of the community just to do ATC on Expert…

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Thanks for reading! 👋🏻 (Also I think this belongs here, but I’m not exactly sure…)

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All IFATC are supposed to have IFC accounts. If you are trying to contact one and they don’t respond (for some unusual reason), contact a moderator, and they’ll sort things out.


I think I might have the wrong person come to think of it, because they have no activity, no days visited, <1 min read time…

But his name matches…

I think that at least on the day they are controlling they should check the ifc every hour and on days there not every 6 hours or 3 hours.

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While they should have an IFC account, they’re in no way required to check the IFC that often. They should already be checking it every once in a while, so when they get to your message they get to it. IFATC have lives and other things to attend to as well!

As I mentioned above, if you don’t recieve a response for a while, just contact a moderator.


This should definitely be a requirement. (they should at least have an IFC account that they regularly check. probably not 24/7, but at least once a day.)
What if someone has a question with his/her controlling and they need to talk via DM?

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I saw your post in the ATC schedule thread and I believe you may have pointed out the wrong person. I can ask the controller what his actual IFC username is.

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We’ve found him ;). All good, thanks!

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Ya, I did, I got the real name @TheInitialVirus, so that specific case is fine, but I still would like to see this as a more concrete thing they need to do…

It is already a requirement for all members of IFATC to have a community account.

The main issue is how much time they should spend on the community. I don’t think we should force IFATC to be active on the forum. The fact that they’re proving ATC services out of their own free time should be appraised. To put it simply;

If you have an issue with a controller, you should contact them. However, you shouldn’t rely to them replying on IFC.

I don’t think it’s such a major issue; if you need to get a hold of an IFATC, contact one of the ATC Moderators who will be able to get you in touch.


Being part of the IFC is a requirement. If you need help finding a controller please PM a moderator.