IFATC moving to Discord

I recently heard about IFATC switching from Slack to Discord. I have a few questions regarding that change as I am thinking of applying for IFATC:

  • Why is this change taking place?
  • In Discord, will all communication be done via voice chat/video call or text chat?
  • Will it be mandatory to communicate via voice chat or video call (if that method of communication is used)?

The reason I’m asking these questions is that if I were to join I wouldn’t want to do voice chat/video calls for the sake of privacy. I don’t want to do all the efforts of the recruiting process to realize I can’t stay in the team because I can’t preserve my online privacy.


Slack TOS



  • Why is this change taking place?
    Slack terms of service

  • In Discord, will all communication be done via voice chat/video call or text chat?
    Yes and no. Text is mainly used now, and voice chat can I guess.

  • Will it be mandatory to communicate via voice chat or video call (if that method of communication is used)?
    No, this will not be mandatory, only a recommendation.

That’s also something which bothers me. Like if everyone is communicating via voice chat/video call and I’m the only one using text chat it’ll look kinda weird.

Hey, Philippe! There are many reasons for the change, one being that Slack has updated its Terms of Service to restrict the platform to 16 year olds. Also, Discord will offer some functionality that Slack could not, like voice channels, roles, and much more.

All mandatory communication will be done through text, with soon-to-come optional voice channels for controlling, flying, etc. Most communication will still be text-based, as voice chats are not used by every user and in some cases are not as effective as text.

I can assure you that IFATC leadership has your privacy in mind to the max extent possible – they will never make the use of voice chats mandatory.


No, we aren’t even doing it yet. I don’t really know discord so this may be a question for someone else.

All VA’s are currently still using Slack and have no intention of switching anytime soon. Why is IFATC changing if all other VA’s aren’t? I mean, our users are still going against Slack’s TOS by taking part in VA’s which utilize Slack.

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Well technically the VAs should, but IFATC is a larger more public group so that probably changes the thought process a little.

If you haven’t seen, VAs are taking action. I’ve seen some already bump their age requirements from 13 to 15 / 16 to meet Slack’s ToS.

Slack is more professional hence the higher age requirements. While Discord is used usually for gaming platforms requiring a lower age to bring a younger audience.

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VAs operate as their own. It is their responsibility to follow the terms and conditions set forth in their various communications tool.

There are a number of other administrative reasons why the switch was made for IFATC. We are a growing team with over 400 active members so we need to adapt as needed.

Discord has a number of safety measures along with slack. This change is also internal by nature so it has no impact on the service they provide pilots. No, pilots are not doing voice in any way.


I want to quickly touch on this point Chris made. This is not only for IFATC. The IFVARB has mandated any VA that switches to discord is required to disable all voice communications for the safety and security of the VA members. So even if a VA were to make the move it would be against IFVARB regulation to allow any voice communication.

That being said concerns about sharing your voice within a VA can be irradiated at this time because it wouldn’t be possible to use the voice chat feature within a VA.


If no one tells the VA’s to switch, they won’t. I really don’t think the IF staff wants to have Slack staff running after them because they have 40 underage groups using their product.

VA’s are not affiliated with Infinite Flight or FDS. We are our own entity’s.

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The IFVARB is in charge of VA’s. The IFVARB is related to Infinite Flight. Thus, they should mandate that all VA’s switch to Discord.

The VARB regulates which VAs can advertise on the IFC. Those VAs are free to talk amongst themselves via slack, email, carrier pigeon, two cans with some string between them, you name it. The onus is on the VAs to make sure they comply with the regulations of the platforms they use.


The IFVARB is here to regulate what VA’s say and do with the community. It is in the IFC ToS that VA’s that want to advertise on the IFC be approved by the IFVARB. The IFVARB is not affiliated with Infinite Flight and also is it’s own entity.

There are many VA’s out there (not advertised on the IFC) that are IF related. VA’s should be making their own rules as long as its within the guidelines set worth. Making every VA use discord takes away the possibilities of other sources. Just like Tom mentioned above. We are regulated based on the IFC, thats about it.


But they simply don’t. And if the Slack team ever finds out they will most likely terminate all VA workspaces.

Then that’s on them. They manage how they want to manage, if they break a rule, they suffer the consequence(s).


The IFVARB has no affiliation with Infinite Flight whatsoever.

Now, going back on-topic, the replies above do a great job answering your original question. Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions or concerns!


This is even relating to legal stuff. If you are going against a company’s TOS they can technically sue you and bring you to court. Do I wanna have a criminal record? I’d prefer to die than have one