I would like to Join IFATC or some kind of Good ATC Group. I applied for a VA but i can’t message anyone, can i get some help?

Check this out


What VA did you apply for? If you never got a response that is not good

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Please see these threads:

Check this thread for a list of VAs and VOs:

Thank you i’ll check it out!

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I applied for United, through google. But They said i need to Pm someone, And the problem is i can’t pm anyone…

You should never have to PM someone. After you fill out the application, they should either:

A. Send you a email with Slack/Discord Link
B. PM you with a Test link on IFC
C. PM you with Discord Link

Unless UVA does it different, this is what usually happens.

We should bring this to PM as this is kind of Off-Topic

Hello Paul, here’s the only ATC-only group other then of course IFATS and the IFATC, that you are aware of. If you have any questions feel free to PM me, have a nice day! :)


That is what they probably do, not every VA is the same…

Well of course, that is why I put “usually” in. And United VA is pretty big, so they probably do. So I agree with you @KPIT

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Also I don’t know if anyone has really addressed the crux of the issue yet. The fact that he can’t message anyone…

What do you mean by that? You are TL1, so you should be capable of PMing someone, have you gone to there profile and clicked “message”?

UVA does require that our applicants PM our recruiters with a screenshot of their Grade Table to check that they meet the requirements to become a UVA pilot. This also ensures that our pilots are Trust Level 1 (Basic) or above, which is also one of our requirements. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!


Jake :)

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Ohhh! Ok! That makes so much more sense now! Thank you for the clarification!

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No problem, have a great day!


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