IFATC - Malaysia Takeover [Completed!]

IFATC - Malaysia Takeover

A number of IFATC controllers will be taking over multiple Malaysian airports in 30 minutes! There will be multiple airports open during this time and we hope to see you swing by, whether for a short flight or some patterns! Come on down and explore Malaysia with us!


Date: 2020-08-22T16:00:00Z
Time: 2020-08-22T17:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Duration: Controller discretion

Featured Airports

Airport Controller Frequency Status
Penang WMKP @Varunsehdev Ground, Tower, ATIS Closed
Kuching WBGG @Raze Ground, Tower, ATIS Closed
Kota Kinabalu WBKK @DannyHL Ground, Tower, ATIS Closed
Johor Bahru WMKJ @ToasterStroodie Ground, Tower, ATIS Closed
Langkawi WMKL @Saharsh Ground, Tower, ATIS Closed
Kuantan WMKD @MilkTea Ground, Tower, ATIS Closed
Kota Bahru WMKC @Deacon_Williams Ground, Tower, ATIS Closed
Malacca WMKM @Pilot_Dave Ground, Tower Closed
Bintulu WBGB @JulietTango Ground, Tower, ATIS Closed
Sibu WBGS @GreenFire Ground, Tower, ATIS Closed
Pulau Tioman WMBT @Jet_Airways_995 Tower Closed
Alor Seletar WMKA @Varunsehdev Ground, Tower Closed
Kuala Terengganu WMKN @Cloudsurfer Ground, Tower Closed
Kuala Lumpur WMKB @TaipeiGuru Center Closed

We hope to see you there!


Can’t wait to see all the lovely pilots!

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Free food is available at all airports! Come fly about :D


Cookies are available at WBKK


What’s available for Johor? :p

I will try to drop by :) it is just across the Singapore border :)

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Come and you shall find out :D

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I heard the town of Sodor just opened up its newly Refurbished airport

All airports are now open! Feel free to stop by for a short flight or pattern work!

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4 new controllers has joined in our little takeover!

Airport Controller Frequency
Pulau Tioman WMBT @Jet_Airways_995 Tower
Alor Seletar WMKA @Varunsehdev Ground, Tower
Kuala Terengganu WMKN @Cloudsurfer Ground, Tower
Kuala Lumpur WMKB @TaipeiGuru Center

Exciting 😁

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Awesome to see!

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Thank you @ToasterStroodie @MilkTea for the service today. I wish I’d drop by to more airports but it is quite late in my timezone now. Great job everyone for the takeover this time :)

I don’t see any food :( starving at 2am LOL


With that, all airports are now closed! Thank you to all controllers (@Varunsehdev, @Raze, @DannyHL, @ToasterStroodie, @Saharsh, @MilkTea, @Deacon_Williams @Pilot_Dave, @JulietTango, @GreenFire, @Jet_Airways_995, @Cloudsurfer, @TaipeiGuru) for joining and to everyone who came by. See you at the next takeover!


It’s on its way to your kitchen table as we speak :)


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