Hi! Can someone help me find Julian who was or still is controlling LIRF. I have a question for him but cannot find him here.

And also, should I create a topic each time I can’t find an IFAE or what can I do? Don’t know how to get in contact with them otherwise…

Thanks :)

What server was this on? If expert server, maybe you’re looking for Julius (Julius97).

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Yes it was on expert. I’ll ask Julius. Thanks :)

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Please contact @Julius97 as I believe he was controlling LIRF. IFAE and IFATC are two different things as well

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I think I meant IFATC then 🙈. Thanks! What’s an IFAE?



If you have a question for a controller, look them up first on IFC, and if you fail to find the controller, feel free to PM me and I will try to find the person for you. Please do not make a topic

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So it’s a VA then?

I tried to look him up but couldn’t find him. But I’ll ask you next time if I need help, thanks ;)

Yes, IFAE is a Virtual Organization! Sometimes us controllers use different display names than what our username is on IFC. Thanks!

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wrong guy, I think he meant @Juan_Oosthuizen


he say he will message u later

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Isn’t it a Virtual Organization?

You can also find IFAE & IFATC’s through the link if you remember their names. Not every IFAE Pilot is in ATC but several are. https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/infinite-flight-atc-display-name-list/258132?u=darius_glover

Already checked that but couldnt find the exact name “Julian”

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that’s because it was juan and not julian

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Wooops! You’re right. I just realized that.

Contaced him:)
Thanks all!

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