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If I have a problem with a specific IFATC member and I have tried contacting them but have received no reply at all for 3 days, and I have seen the person online frequently, posting.
Who can I contact?

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Bump the PM. Maybe they didn’t see it.


You can contact a IFATC supervisor or Tyler (@Tyler_Shelton) if the issue persists. I would attempt to contact supervisors or moderators before you head over to tyler though. You could even add a moderator to your Private Message, so a Moderator could see and respond. I would recall that almost all of us are humans and our life calls our name more than a couple times a week as well


You may contact one of the IFATC recruiters found here:

We’re all just humans. Sometimes we miss something. 😊

I once waited two weeks for a reply of my former landlord. A reminder helps from time to time.


Alright, I’m bumping it right now

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Hey there, Josh!

The controller did respond, gave you reasons for the ghost, and actually explained it 3 separate times. Not getting the response you wanted is not the same as not getting a response at all.

Your expert server access will be restored after 7 days from the report. Cheers!