Hi, I was just doing the flash flight and on approach, I was circling the airport for 40 minutes but that isn’t the main problem. the main problem is, I was vectored into the side of a mountain then being ignored when asking to climb. In fear of being ghosted I carried on and crashed. The controller was Manuel G.

Contact @MannyG to discuss this further.


Sounds like controller error. Tough scenario, I may have done the same thing. Controller probably should have looked at why you were wanting to climb, but it seems like Manuel should have the answers to your questions. If the flash flight was really busy he was probably pretty overwhelmed.

Dude you are in charge of the aircraft if you need to climb do so.


Yeah but I was flying on this heading into a mountain for a good 15 minutes and was asking to climb every 4 minutes for 15 mins.

I’m proud of my no ghost record and I must of thought if I do anything I’ll get ghosted. Now I look back and I could of handled it better.


In your case it would not be ghostable anyway, if it did happen it would be reversed. I have found myself in the same situation and I just climb and say unable if I get told to descend again if I’m about to crash.

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Oh, didn’t know ghosts were reversible :P

Yeah it is.

May I just out if curiosity ask… what does not following ATIS have to do with crashing into a mountainside?

ATIS doesn’t dictate what direction you’re supposed to fly unless it aska for a straight out departure, etc…

Ok guys here’s the thing if you are flying the aircraft you are in charge not ATC. If they are vectoring you into a mountain you climb you don’t crash. We do have the ability to ghost so it is always a good idea to back up your claim with screen shots as to why you didn’t comply. Had you done this and were ghosted you would still have a flawless ghosting record.


What I meant was that not following ATIS is not a huge mistake, and if that’s ghostable, ignoring an assigned altitude is ghostable.

I guess I was just a bit nervous seeing how my last flight I was also ghosted for no reason (was reversed) so I was just a bit afraid that would happen again. Anyway this isnt the end of the world. A crash is better than a ghost (in IF not irl lmao)

It’s really not for either you or the controller. Pls get screen shots the next time something seems off

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Hi there @siryolo28 - I jumped in to help out my fellow approach controller - the airspace was crazy as you probably noticed. It did take me about 10 minutes to get a hold of the airspace. I am aware that the mountains are all north of the airfield so i was trying to build a line avoiding that - I did not notice any altitude issues, but if you say I vectored you incorrectly I apologize for that.

Best way to let the controller know is to request to climb. Thanks!

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I just noticed you did request altitude change - so either I wasn’t your controller or I didn’t get your messages… I did not get any altitude request changes during the session. Maybe this happened as I was joining to help out…


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