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Hey all,
So a while ago I decided I wanted to join the IFATC. Since then I’ve passed the theory but failed the practical and so I have a trainer. Now (in a few weeks) that I’ve got two months break, I’m making it my main goal to get into the IFATC. My questions for you is, what things do you recommend I study when I get back into it besides the below items?

  • YouTube ATC tutorials (by Infinite Flight)
  • Read the latest IFATC manual
  • Do many ATC training sessions (under the thread)
  • Do many ATC trainings with my trainer

Hey mate,

All of the above, that you mentioned are great ideas. The Youtube Video Tutorials are an excellent resource to clarify any questions you may have, also reading the latest ATC manual will keep you up to speed with the latest rules and procedures that we follow as IFATC.

I recommend to do both training sessions in the tracking thread and also with your trainer… I wonder who that could be…

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All of the above 🙂

Being IFATC isn’t just a joke about. You control loads of Aircraft in a small airspace. Practise, Practise, Practise.

Hope to see you controlling the Expert Server soon!

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haha did you mean theory?

Thanks for picking that up, I don’t even know how autocorrect go it that wrong!

Thank you all for your advice, I’ll be working hard for the next few months and yes the IFATC is no joke!


Good to hear.

See you in the Skies!

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In addition to those items above, I think your mentality towards learning the aspects of ATC is equally important. Becoming a great ATC controller isn’t just about “knowing it all”, but having an in-depth understanding as to why we use the commands/procedures we do. If you understand what to do and why to do it, then you’ll truely have the ability to excel! Good luck :)


Hi there I recommend you joining ATCEG. ATCEG is a great place for you to chat with current IFATC controllers and also others that will be in the same position as you, it gives you great tips and general knowledge about ATC in general. If your not currently appear of it I recomend you join


Practice practice practice, and then practice some more.
And good luck.

I also learned when I watched others controlling and tried to retrace what the controller did and why. Maybe fly some patterns on the expert server sometimes.

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I do the same, I also look at the feedback on people’s atc tracking threads if I also joined their open sessions ^^!

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All of above, but the 3rd option helped me a lot awhile ago…

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You could also go in game and listen to actual IFATC in action. Just sit at a gate and look at the aircraft movements. Predict when takeoff clearances will be given, what commands will be sent to aircraft in the pattern, etc. You can always check your answers by listening to the controller send the correct command.


That’s actually a really good idea, thanks!

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