IFATC in Training Server

I’ve been wondering this for a while: Why isn’t there IFATC in training server?

I feel that main difference between level 2, 3, and 4 pilots isn’t the flight time or amount of landings but the ability to follow and use ATC instructions properly. In training server, most of the time the ATC is people that don’t know what they’re doing. You can’t learn from someone who doesn’t know what they’re teaching. I think that the best way to get people to be experienced the most before going into expert is by having IFATC in training. By having IFATC in Training Server, newer and inexperienced pilots can get the most experience and learn how to use the ATC commands properly.


Because the training server is for training. ;)

There isn’t IFATC in TS because anyone can do atc in TS.

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But The rules are stricter in expert :)
-Julian K


We are not allowed to control on the training server.


it just stands for infinite flight atc. you are allowed to have it i am pretty sure. it is the name of the app

Ok but then why aren’t IFATC allowed on training server

Because we go through training to serve the expert server. Also, most training server pilots don’t know how to listen to ATC instructions.

We have the ability to report but we are not allowed to report in the TS and IF we would it’d probably be a really high number of reports

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I get what you are trying to say, but, IFATC is not allowed to control on the TS because of various reasons stated above like what @lucaviness said. You as a pilot tho, can go ahead and watch the #tutorials and read the user guide as well as the manual to better educate yourself on how to use these new features correctly. Indeed it’s difficult to understand all these new features in a day, but we are all leaning. Even us IFATC’s have try on our own to understand new commands and procedures as well. We all just need some more time to get used to everything.
Happy Landings 🙂


I remember in my time as IFATC, I controlled on the TS ONCE, with express permission in advance, because I wanted to practice approach, and I was under a strict rule of no ghosting. Because of circumstances like this, it CAN theoretically happen, but it’s extremely rare and no different to anyone else who wants to control when it comes to dealing with trolls/nuisance pilots.


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