IFATC in Display Name

The way I see it, putting IFATC in your name is superfluous. If you are controlling on expert then it is pretty obvious you are IFATC. If you are a pilot on expert IFATC or not you are held to the same standard (if not greater) as pilots so having it in your name really doesnt get you anything.

I know people think that controllers single people out but the reality of the situation is that most controllers are too busy to pay attention to who is flying. They are focused on the plane and not who is behind the controls. (ie, see how many times Gary has ghosted Laura)


🤦‍♂️ Just ghost them if they need ghosted I don’t care if they are actually part of the group or not.

:Edit I actually ghost quicker for less degree of offense for someone who has IFATC in their name. So if someone wants to put that in their name they better be on point.


What will the controllers do next hmmm…🤔? I know remove IFATC from there display name!

Jokes aside, it does not give you any rights or anything so I think they do it for pretty

It goes back to the early days where people would identify the groups they were with. Then as IFATC got larger and more and more VAs came on board and quality increased people joined more. I think its easier to just list everything in your IFC profile. Just make your display name match your IFC name and you are good to go.


But Chris I gotsta have my title man how will anyone else know I’m important? 🤣 newbs often include IFATC in their display name simply for a title. If you check any supervisor tag none of them have IFATC in it.


Put i’m important in your display name :)


Apparently there’s even someone who tries to use my name when they’re flying. Don’t know if it’s an attempt to avoid ghosting or what. (But it doesn’t take long to figure out it’s not me, so if that guy sees this…it won’t work, but best of luck to you.)


I reckon @anon66442947 couldn’t agree more 🤣


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