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First of all, I’m not sure if this is the right category, so feel free to move it. Now, onto the main point. I was wondering if there was anything in the rules about having “IFATC” in your display name when you’re not actually part of IFATC? I’m asking this because earlier, I saw a pilot on Training Server who had IFATC in their callsign, but their stats showed that they were only grade 2 and couldn’t possibly have been a grade 3 pilot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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They could’ve racked up some violations and had to play on the training server for a week.

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Maybe, but I’m not sure they met the flight time requirement (I forget what it is)

Hey Taipei,

We are not required to put IFATC in front of out name, many of us do it as it gives us some credibility when controlling and such, also anyone is able to type the IFATC infront of their name, so not everyone you see has it is actually in IFATC, also as Nathan said:

I’ve had this happen a few times ;(


I see. So, it’s not actually against the rules to put in in your name, even if you’re not part of it?

It will be pretty obvious by the way they fly/control


There’s no real way to enforce it. For all we know, there could be another organization called IFATC that means something totally different…

Granted, the chances of that being the case are slim to none.


That makes sense. Thank you for your help, @Nathan @OL-SARGE @Aceorbit

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Is funny when you’re controlling on the ES and you see IFATC in the callsign and you start thinking better not make any mistakes or I’ll get called out for it. Often enough they aren’t IFATC. Plus, some people will steal others callsigns. I once had
coming into land. He is well known IFATC but when I spoke to him he said he had not been flying. Funny old world ain’t it!

MaxSez: Utilizing an honorarium term like IFATC ect, hard earned designators is similar to “Stolen Valor”. It indicates; ignorance, a lack of self worth, immaturely, weak character etc. I give it a pass. To each his own. Who am I to judge! A bit of empathy please. Remember;

“For all IF pilots there should exists a kind of guild, without charter and without by-laws. It demands no requirements for inclusion save an understanding of the wind, the compass, the rudder, and fair fellowship. It is a camaraderie sans sentiment of the kind that men who once sailed uncharted seas in wooden ships must have known and lived by."



F eel
T iny bit
C ooler


It happens, I see it. I think they think they will get special privileges. Especially with mod callsigns. The most common one I’ve seen is Flying High. Idk why but people seem to want to be Tom.


Yeah, true. This was my first time seeing a false IFATC pilot, but now I’m on the lookout for anybody who’s stealing the title.

In my opinion it could be used to deter people who aren’t acting appropriately on training server. I used to hate it when I’m at EGLC or EGLL and there are lots of people who think that it’s a joke and try to take off from their stands or act like they’re on the casual server. I guess you get what I mean.

Yeah, I do think that it would scare some people into behaving. IMO, IFATC is a privilege, and people who aren’t part of the group shouldn’t have it in their display name. Just my opinion, though.

Correct. But it would be pretty ridiculous if you did, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


I do agree, and would find it misleading :)

Us IFATC see this often also, usually someone misbehaving with IFATC in their name which us discrediting to see so checking on LiveFlight is a must to see if they are legitimate or not. I do this all the time now when I see a name that’s not familiar. Most of us know who’s who so it can be pretty suspicious when a name doesn’t ring a bell.


Awesome @Maxmustang, simply awesome :)

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That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re controlling on the expert server how else would that happen? 🤣

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