IFATC [ IF 22.8.1 version], pilots messages freeze

I’m currently experiencing a Problem in ES where when on ATC, I can give commands to aircrafts but cannot hear or see the readback messages from the pilots.
One person told me that by tapping the “Publish ATIS” button it would fixed this. It does at times but not everytime. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this same kind of issue.
I received the readbacks and messages from the pilots about 3 min later then it unfreezes again.

Device: Samsung A32
Operating system: Android


Do you have any video recording of this, might show it better (or does the replay show it or something)?

Also, to confirm, can you not see the messages in the chat logs? Like you can’t hear them & you can’t see their messages in logs, but then 3 minutes later or so you hear them and see the message. That seems pretty weird

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Yes, the messages in the chat log are delayed.
And i got screenshots from the replays.

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It might be helpful if you send them

Its says the app deasactivated and reactivated. Don’t know why since I had a perfect Wifi connection and lots of free storage.

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Was that the time period where messages where not being send (time in between it deactivating and reactivating)?

Yes, you can see that previous messages were appearing well after their assigned time.

Was already 1110z and only got to see a message that was sent 3 mins ago.

Also when it freezes, the aircrafts that switched frequencies (ground to tower) does not show that they switched and therefore when they are first in the departure sequence that’s create a whole line at the holding point because they are still on the ground frequency when they already switched.

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This happens to me, you may have to exit and re-enter the frequency (if a pilot) but I guess just restart IF if your controlling?

I believe that one is known, where they switch frequencies, but on the atc screen you still see them.

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Anyone have a solution for these delayed messages issues? Still having that and can’t maintain proper service… 😥

I had a communication issue the other day when controlling, not sure if its the same. I was issuing clearances but pilots were not responding. It became clear after I tried a couple of aircraft that me messages were not going out. I logged out then back in and the session ran smoothly from that point on.

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It’s best to do that and restart but It’s becoming inefficient then, losing all the quick commands, I can’t maintain proper service like that.

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Agreed, very annoying to lose the quick commands.

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