IFATC I wish we had the ability to write out a couple custom messages that we can add to the miscellaneous folder


I wish we had the ability to write out a couple custom messages that we can add to the miscellaneous folder

When it comes to ATC we all know talk is limited

A lot of times the messages can be intimidating for somebody who’s trying to work with ATC and they might make it innocent mistake or say the wrong thing and I get so nervous they quit or if I correct somebody and give them proper instructions it comes off a little harsh and I don’t want intimidate people not to play it be nice to be able to convey instructions with the ability to let the person know their fine

I wish there was a couple optional messages you can choose from to add to your folder for example

If somebody made a mistake and you correct them and they fix it right away and then they apologize I wish I could just say “””no apology needed you’re doing fine ””
just to let them know That atc is not mad at you I’m here to help you

I think this should be changed to the “features” section

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I was just thinking about this while I was controlling. If this gets put in #features, I will definitely put a vote to it!


I do think it would be a duplicate to this

but I think your topic is enough different to be it’s own thing

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I tried changing it to features but I don’t see the option :(

I am new to the community how do I do that

You can’t. You must be TL2 to post in #features. Keep liking and posting and you’ll get there soon!


Could a regular change it or does it have to be a mod?

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The what do you want to change? Please refer to @TaipeiGuru post

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We want to move this to features


Regulars are not permitted to change it. The OP must wait until he reaches TL2 to request this feature.


Hopefully I will be a TL to soon :-) I do have a lot of ideas for what and how to make ATC communications a little bit better without changing that much or making it extremely complicated

One quick example off the top of my head would be if you had a “keyboard “but instead of cheese you could have certain words or phrases so you can collect three of them to put a sentence together see you can supply more communication with only adding may be a couple more buttons

It would work very similar to if you ask an aircraft to exit runway right for example you have an option to then instruct cross or hold short of another runway and then you have another option to tell them to expedite traffic is on Final base etc.

I think one of the best ways would be if you had a custom folder under miscellaneous messages and you would have a sentence builder with a limited choice of words that you can string together in a sentence that you would like to say and that would take care of a common issue you deal with as a controller once you create the sentence it will just be in the custom folder so when you click custom folder it’s right there

I’m also very aware that West and make sure people can make really annoying things out of this LOL that should be an easy problem to overcome limit what sentences you can say or limit how many times you could use a word.

Yeah, this can be abused on Training Server
“Speedbird 1, please land expedite fo around thank you stop sending duplicate messages give way to aircraft”

Only limit it to the expert server then.

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Lol thay do that now

I just really wish like I said for the above scenario where somebody make a simple mistake or correct it right away and they get really nervous that they’re in trouble if there was a message that you could reply to when they apologize that just simply said no apology necessary you’re doing fine

I think that would deliver a really good peace of mind to a lot of beginner pilot

Lol even a “””that’s OK “””” would help

If something can be abused, it will be abused. But still, I think this would be a great idea. It would be really handy to be able to “pile” up a message, for example “Dynasty 108 Heavy, turn base, reduce to minimum speed, caution turbulence, number 2, runway 28R, cleared to land”


Telling them the crosswind would be cool to

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