@IFATC I have questions to connect atc&pilots

Hello IFATC Members,

I have a few questions about a couple things.

How fast do you want an aircraft to bleed 50kts of airspeed?

If your saying less than 1 minute would you change your answer if your also asking the aircraft to decend?

How long after you send a message are you expecting a reply?

Do aircraft need time to bleed airspeed if they are descending?

Do you use the command of expedite flight level change if an aircraft isn’t descending fast enough for your liking?

Thanks I am asking these questions for pure curiosity as In what you guys and gals are expecting to further connect pilots and air traffic control

Your choice, you can do a holding pattern to lower your speed.

Under 1 minute.

Not if they are descending correctly.

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Can you elaborate “decending correctly”

Typically, a pilot will plan to descend at a reasonable Vertical Speed so they can have better control over their speed.

Well, it depends, If I issue you an exit runway command, there does not need to be an instant reply. But I I send you a go-around, you will need to respond the earliest possible (Aviate > navigate > communicate)

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Please don’t do this without instructions from ATC. You need to follow their instructions. You can always reduce your vertical speed and set spoilers to flight in order to slow down.


If it is necessary, the controller will tell them to do it.

Primarily yes, it is also used if an aircraft isn’t descending at all.

In most cases, we want to avoid giving the pilot extra vectors due to their height so we ask them to speed up their descent.

Finally, if you’re about to break traffic separation with another aircraft we can use it as a last resort to have you descend faster.

Typically, try to descend anywhere from -1000 v/s to -2000 v/s.

but what if they don’t and instantly ghost you

If they don’t give you a hold, don’t enter a hold. Follow all ATC instructions.

Generally as soon as possible. Of course it’s more important to Aviate and Navigate, so that should be first priority. In my opinion, there’s a big difference between not responding, and not following instructions. If you’re following instructions, but replying slow, it’s not a big issue.


hmmm thanks for your response that really has me confused about a situation I ran into today

If you’re confused, feel free to contact the controller involved. I’m sure he or she can help you clear things up. :)


Out of curiosity, what airport were you flying at?

I did and guess what no response

Jorge Chavez SPJC

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This is not the way to try and prove that a ghost was unjustified. Please see the topic I linked above for how to handle a ghosting inquiry. I see you replied here saying that you have PM’d the controller but haven’t received a response - please be patient. They just finished controlling and should hopefully be in contact with you soon if they haven’t been already. Public opinion is not the place to gauge the validity of a ghost - if you have questions about things relating to it, it’s best to bring it up with the controller.


You got a response within an hour. A little patience is key…

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