IFATC Hurricane Takeover - Hawaii (Closed)


ATC choice around the world allows for some unique opportunities whenever it is featured on the IFATC schedule. Today is no exception, with hurricane Douglas bearing down of the Hawaiin Islands, some of us IFATC members have decided to coordinate to open in the region at 0000Z ( 2020-07-26T05:00:00Z). Feel free to come to fly In from the US West Coast where you will face the full force of the hurricane on the descent into Honolulu, or enjoy some inter-island flying with Hawaiin Airline’s 717 as you battle the crosswinds trying to land. Below you fill find a list of controllers who will be opening along with their station. Please note they some may not be present at the exact time due to limited availability.

Honolulu Center: @Aceorbit

PHOG APP/DEP: @Capt_Evan

PHNL TGS: @lucaviness

PHLI TGS: @Shane



Resources to track Douglas:

https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_cp2.shtml?start#contents - NOAA Hurricane Tracker


Some decent gusts for sure! Last I saw

Good luck to everybody and cant wait to see you in the skies!

Remember: be respectful of all pilots and ATC controllers, follow ALL ATC commands, and ALL airspaces will be enforced by ghosting


Fantastic! I love flying in bad weather, unlike the passengers probably. It gives us a challenge and IF can get pretty boring.


Thats for sure! Should give a challenge for us radar controllers as well with the winds messing with the ground speed of aircraft.

Looks like most of the stations have opened up, come fly!

PHMK has opened up, current winds are 310@12 gusting anywhere up to 25 knots!

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PHOG is now open. Landing 02/05 Departing 02/05 current winds are 290@08kts but that very well could change!

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Thanks to all those who came out to join us this evening! Was nice to see many community members flying around and diving into the storm with their C130s. Until next time!

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C-130? 👀 Sounds fun! I would’ve liked to have stopped by!

How long will the event last for?

Is it over already?

Yea most of us just closed, sorry.

dont worry, PHOG TGS is still active, departing CoastGuard C130s to combat mother nature


Ok I am joining

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