Ifatc hub starter pack

I’m not being horrible here, but this is the starter pack for someone that comes in to a ifatc hub for the first time:

Someone with their callsign as something 007
Someone that doesn’t bother tuning into atis
Someone that shows up in a tm-390 despite atis saying no light aircraft
About 50 planes landing on the same runway that everyone is trying to takeoff on when there is 3 or more runways
Someone with the callsign of a plane that crashed in the past

This is what you can expect every day on expert server after about 30 minutes at the hub for that day.


That’s not considered light by IFATC lol


Have to prevent this “don’t fly to the hub”


But it often says no light aircraft accepted at this time

TBM isn’t a light aircraft.

Unless it’s a major intl airprot I don’t, because this just chaos

Yes the TBM is not light though, well it’s not considered anyways!
Happy Flying :D

The crashed plane thing is a bit of a dilemma, and if I remember right the reason that the mods decided not to report people for that was because some people could be paying tribute to those flights.


IFATC warned me for being in a TBM because it was a light aircraft according to them

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Well, officially speaking, it is not classified as “light”

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Some people get warnings about it but others don’t 🤷‍♂️

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Cessna 208 and TBM aren’t light aircraft, that is the official classification.

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Here’s your answer for the TBM.

And for the rest - just don’t fly into the hub on busy days or FNFs. It’ll be a much nicer experience if you don’t like too much traffic and chaos.


The only light aircraft are these:

C172, SR22, XCub, Spitfire, P38


Alright fair enough, but I got warned to change it once when trying to planespot on expert, it was at jeddah a few months ago I think

If you have any problems with any IFATC DM a mod or talk to the controller directly.

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Anyways, back to your original post.

Nothing wrong with that.

There’s always D-ATIS.

Nothing wrong with that either, we aren’t supposed to report people with those callsigns.


Wow, why are we arguing about what’s a light aircraft and what’s not. We had an answer so let’s stick to it. As said above a TBM is not a light aircraft. If an IFATC controller tells you you are light then send a message to a supervisor.

Unfortunately the things said in the first post do happen everyday, but it’s part of learning as a pilot.