IFATC. How do you do it?

Hi lads. My q is what is IFTAC I think it is. I heard it is a type of training and I just wanted to know how to complete it in order to become an act controller in expert

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Take a look at this thread.You need to be on the forum a little longer to work yourself up to being able to PM recruiters. Spend the time to look around the tutorials.


I would also create a ATC Tracking Thread to fine tune your skills, and to practice as well as getting feedback from experienced ATC members.


In the future good luck!


Look. I am 14+. I do have a ghosting from my 1st expert server flight but like, how do I complete the training?

So like, I need to be at least 14 yrs old, have no ghosting in a long time.

See the topic that Chris provided. If you fulfill the requirements, contact a listed recruiter and he’ll get you started with the process.

If not, you’ll just have to wait until you are eligible.


As suggested by @Sashaz55, open up an ATC tracking thread and that’ll provide you the support you need. These are professional users who know what they are doing, and are at the airport of your choice purely for that reason. You can also ask them what you want to do, and I’m sure some members would be more than happy to help you out with training.

Please keep in mind that IFATC is not easy, neither is it really meant for trolling or fun.

While Controlling is fun, the point of IFATC is to provide a realistic, eligible, source of ATC for those looking for more realism out of the simulator.

There are certain requirements because IFATC is taken seriously here.


It’s great to hear you want to work towards IFATC. They are a team of people who have gone through a number of tests and are serving the IF community by providing ATC services on Expert server. Most IFATCs are active members of this forum and (oh gosh I hope) great and exemplary pilots.

Can I suggest you start with that first ?
I see you’ve spend 30 minutes on this forum since you joined a few months ago. So my recommendation is, to become a valued and contributing member of this forum, be a great pilot following all instructions, view all the IFATC tutorials a few times and be a great controller in Training Server.

As active member you will bump into the ATC Tracking threads. Start one yourself and receive feedback in your controlling.


Once you pass your written test, I highly recommend asking for help from a trainer. @Chris_Hoover has helped me tremendously during my training, and is the real MVP.


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