IFATC @ Home | Miami [closed]

Just opened up at KMIA.

Runways in use for now are:
Departing: 8L, 8R, 12, AND 9
Landing: 8L, 8R, and 9

Feel free to communicate with me through here. See you out there!



Just for a little clarification. When KMIA is using runways 8L, 8R, and 12 for departures, as you taxi to the area where 8R and 12 nearly intersect, you will see multiple hold-short lines.

The FIRST hold-short line is the correct one for you to stop at for taking-off from runway 8R or 12. The other hold-short lines closer to the runways are NOT to be used when KMIA is using 8L, 8R, and 12 for departures. Those other lines are for use when landing from the other direction.

I included a chart below for easy reference. You can see the area I’m referring to in the zoomed-in area on the top left.

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Shouldn’t this be 30, 26L?

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Thanks! I fixed it. I meant to say that there are NOT to be used when 8L, 8R, and 12 are being used for deps. :)

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I’m going to close at noon for a virtual mass (yep, even the Catholic Church has gone virtual lol) and I’ll be back afterwards around 1pm.


Open again!

Just closed. Thank you to everyone that came by!

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No problem! Sorry I didn’t use the correct hold short lines, I never saw your message here. I noticed that you accidentally cleared me to taxi when I requested pushback, but I brushed it off. All good, my friend!

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