IFATC @ Home - Gold Coast International Airport [YBCG]

Hello guys this will be my first session as IFATC and I will be opening one of my favourite airports in Australia. Here is some more information about my Airport bellow:

Gold Coast Airport [YBCG], (also known as Coolangatta Airport ) is an international Australian airport located at the southern end of the Gold Coast and is approximately 90 km (56 mi) south of Center of Brisbane, within South East Queensland agglomeration. The entrance to the airport is situated in the suburb of Bilinga near Coolangatta. The runway itself straddles the state border of Queensland and New South Wales. During summer these states are in two different time zones. The Gold Coast Airport operates on Queensland Time all year round

Thank you for taking the time to reading this thread, I will be actively controlling this airport throughout the event on Expert Server and look forward to meeting you guys.

Thank you.



Didn’t know you were IFATC. Welcome!

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Thank you very much, Only my first day.

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I love this airport! I’ve controlled here multiple times. What a pleasure. Congrats for getting into IFATC!

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Thank you very much!

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@Rilej_aviation might like this

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FYI, Coolangatta airport is still known as it’s present name, as a person who comes from the Gold Coast, it is still called this

Oh ok, Every-time I travel to this airport or on the boarding pass it says Gold Coast Airport. That’s why.

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A little late, but thanks for the ATC mate. Really appreciated it.

No worries, Anytime. I should be controlling again soon after dinner.

Oh right, it usually says that all the time

Don’t worry I updated the description as to the airport also being known as Coolangatta Airport. :D

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Good job mate, it might clear the confusion for some people who know this airport more than I do (that’s probably no chance since I don’t know of anyone who lives as close as I do to this airport around the IFC tbh)

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