IFATC @ Home - EGNM/LBA - Leeds Bradford | [CLOSED]


This Sunday is once again IFATC at home. I will be opening EGNM/Leeds Bradford Airport, my home airport. In this thread, I will give you some information on procedures, information about the airport and any details about when I will open.

I will be open from 0705z —> 0845z and potentially around 1530z —> 1645/1700z. This depends on my availability and more details will be published on this thread closer to the time.

Airport Information
Leeds Bradford is the main international airport serving Yorkshire. It serves many European destinations, as well as regional flights and flights across the Atlantic in the Winter.

Leeds Bradford is the main operating base for Jet2, as well as serving other airlines such as Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Eastern Airways, Aurigny, TUI, KLM, British Airways and occasionally a few other smaller airlines.

Leeds has one terminal used for all flights, domestic and international. It has 21 gates and one runway: 14/32. Due to its direction, it often brings challenging crosswinds, so pop down and put your stick and rudder skills to the test.

Leeds also has 3 GA gates in IF, so please come and do some pattern work in a light aircraft. This is common at LBA and most GA flights are operated by Multiflight.


EGNM only has one STAR, TNTARR. Due to it being quite long and one-directional, I am very happy with you not using a STAR in your flight plan. See below for the STAR:

There are numerous SIDs for both runways, and I do recommend that you utilise these. If departing to the north or east, it may be better to not use a SID. Many SIDs have a spike in them. Don’t worry, LNAV will automatically carry straight on and skip the spike. I’ve attached one picture to show all SIDs, and you can see the spike here:

Airport charts


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you at EGNM on Sunday!



So happy Leeds is being opened, it’s a great airport, I’ll be there if possible

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I’m now open!

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Do you have a better idea of whether oe not you will be open 1530z —> 1645/1700z yet? I’ll be coming up to LBA then anyway so hope to see you there!

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I think I will be.


I’m open now
Some interesting winds so come on down!

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Closed now, thanks for all who came!

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