Hello, I have been playing IF for over 7 years now off and on, when I was younger I definitely received violations mostly for speed it looks like. When I go to violation history/stats bar it shows a perfect record so I figured I was clear to apply for IFATC along with many other factors. It states that there can be consequences for saying it is all truthful information but how is this fair when I can’t even see my lvl 1 violation to landing ratio, I would still love to join IFATC and am open to any advice. Also, is there a way I can see this that I’m just missing??
Thank you-Ckdada

Hey, thanks for reaching out today. As you can see on the IFATC application page regarding this specific issue, we set out to look for candidates that have, "No more than 50% violation to landings ratio".

Checking your stats here, it seems that is not currently met. Looks like 100 or so landings with no violations in the meantime would be necessary for you to meet that exact requirement. Doing some patterns for aspiring controllers on the training server or grinding out some landings on the casual server at a quieter airport would be a great way to go about finishing up this requirement. There are level 1 violations on the training server, but none on casual.

Assuming you’ve met all other requirements, you’re set to go! I know you sent in an application not too long ago, so another recruiter will most likely reach out to you about this sometime in the future if they have not done so already. Thanks and I’m looking forward to seeing your work throughout the process!


Ok, so I currently have around 75 landings in the past 90 days, if I get that to 100 then I’m clear? And then do I re-apply or what do I do? Thank you for the quick response!

Would dm be better?

Sure, I’ll send you one in the near future and we can continue there. ;)

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