IFATC Ground Delay Program

So i had a thought yesterday as i watched our 0700 departure to MDW sit out for an hour before finally taking off, i was wondering whether a modified ground delay program could be used in IF for our extremely busy airports or perhaps the ground controller could assign wheels up times to help control the flow into those busy airports and maybe make life a tad easier for all of us, ATC included? Thoughts from flyers and IFATC? Would it be feasible? Practical?

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For me, ground holds are usually caused not because the departure airport is busy, but because the arrival airport is busy.

Especially when the entire server does an EGLL - EGBB flight 🙄


We do that once in a while during FNFs/extremely busy times. I’ve seen it done and communicated with some of our controllers. There’s also a broadcast announcement for it in our menu.

If you’re talking about something more formal, it depends. IF would have to be further developed first and have slots built into the program, which is probably low on the list right now with global and whatnot.


Something more formal would be good, not so much as say slots but issuing wheels up times or something similar. I think it could help spread the traffic load around to other airports in a controlled region if people know from the start it’s going to be 30 minutes before they can even depart to that airport and perhaps they decide to visit another one. Was just a thought to try to lessen the workload on our ATC peeps AND maybe lessen the frustration on some of the flyers who get upset when turned away or vectored all over the place. I appreciate the responses!

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I guess this would work well with global, we set a time for expected departure, or the active ATC gives us one.

I’ve seen this happen before. The ATC holds aircraft in the sky or orders them not to move(grd)

Anyway this is an exvellent idea that will help reducecongestion especially in flights such as YSSY-YSCB or EGLL-EGBB

Oh man if you could see flights from KSAN - KNUC or KLAX - KPSP, it’s craaaazy. Cheers.

You know,

I think it would be cool if LiveFlight could indicate the status of the airport on the ground. This way pilots could have a better understanding of possible wait times on the ground since LiveFlight already provides information on what’s going on in the skies.

Does that make since? Do you think it would be practical for LiveFlight to indicate the situation on the ground?


@Cameron is the live flight man

So I guess its only the FDS developers that we cant tag?

I’m slightly confused? Whaddya mean?

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Don’t worry it’s not your fault I should proof read. 😂 anyway there was some rule about tagging devs I thought. In any case I can’t wait to here Cameron’s input.

MaxSez: A ground stop is already in ATC’s menu selection. Slots/Block times are not feasible due to the random nature of launch & recoveries. It would be impossible to expect members to adhere to a schedule, consider the time zone differences alone. This action would require the establishment of an IF Dispatch or Delivery entity in the present ATC system draining IFATC manpower and a management nightmare. Just another non-starter notion, not well thought out! Next.


😏 i’ll keep my opinion to myself…

@Shawn_Coleman , MaxSez: : The System exists in IF it’s just not operational! The System is called “ATIS”! (Automated Terminal Information System). It has been down for more than a year+. See the archive, tutorials or Google for a system explanation.

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You are 100% correct on that. ATIS provides alot of the information we discussed and alot more in terms of weather and runway use. I think what he wants is ground information only.

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@Shawn_Coleman… MaxSez: Noted. ATIS in the real world provides all pertainate information relating to field ops. To include Delays, Closures & Ground Stops. Ground owns the ramps & taxiways only they have no controls except for ground flow within field operational areas. Op’s is the preview of Tower after Control is passed from Approach etc. ATIS provides al operational data necessary to control flow. ATIS is a broadcast xmited for a particular fields controlled airspace available to all who tune into it.


Right, and since it is disabled in game it would be nice to have all ATIS type information on LiveFlight I guess, But ground info for now would be cool.

@Shawn_Coleman. MaxSez: The logical solution is reactivation of ATIS which has been promises. Why jury rig an entity which circumvents the AIM. Care to discuss it meet me on PM

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No thank you but I sure hope @Cameron considers it because whether or not FDS reintegrates ATIS that information would add value to LiveFlight since they already provide so much related data. And thank you @Southwest_CLE_Ramper for letting me go off topic and letting me suggest a different feature request.

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