IFATC Global Takeover!

Hello! As many know, the formal schedule for the week has been scrapped due to the airports with buildings getting quite the attention as expected. Shortly before 2:00Z controllers were notified that any airport is up for grabs. Mind you around this hour on a normal day, there is only ever the hub and maybe one other airport open. IFATC controllers certainly didn’t let down. Just thirty minutes into the shift, over twenty airports were staffed, many fully open with radar and center controllers. This quite a unique event that came from nowhere. Big shoutout all the awesome controllers that provided great service.

And shoutout to @DeerCrusher for opening over 90 frequencies earlier. You can see how crazy this looked.

Happy flying folks!

this should be interesting

what? how?

Whats quite interesting in the original photo of the open frequencies - if you look at the number of arrivals for the main hubs - it is spread out across most if not all of them - which is exactly what we wanted to see :)


I think that’s Matt just messing with us 😂🤣

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