IFATC gets ghosted on expert server by rookie pilot who narrowly avoided ghosting!

…crazy story -first time happening to me…
was controlling expert server at JFK around 0230 this morning(creeto) and a rookie pilot that i almost ghosted for not following instructions multiple times on final for the wrong runway… sent him around twice for flying up the tailpipes of the preceding sequenced aircraft on final… so on the third approach, after giving him clearance for number one 17R, his aircraft turned white instead of the usual light blue (communications issue)… stay with me…

after his touchdown and braking rollout he switched to ground and requested “taxi to parking” (however his aircraft was still white- unable to communicate with him- could not even on guard him). his payback… i got kicked from the server for not being able to respond to his taxi request after the allotted two minutes for a response to make sure controllers are active. maybe i shouldn’t have been so patient

rookie pilot ghosts IFATC on expert server!

Wow 😂


The title is like buzzfeed’s clickbait ones! Nice story haha


I’ve had the exact same scenario play out before. Its sure is irritating, that’s for sure. I had to go anyway, so didn’t even bother trying to log back in.


Chris, exactly!..

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Substantial evidence like pictures would be nice for People’s Court. Bahahahaha

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FYI… the timeout isn’t per aircraft, so as long as you can talk to anyone, the timer will reset. If anyone else is on your frequency, sending them a thank you or some other innocuous message will keep you alive.

Ive also found that just tapping on an unknown which brings up a blank command window will reset the timer. Not sure if that would have worked with the white aircraft though.


@GHamsz That’s also helpful for when you have those phantom messages to which to respond. When no one is on the ground frequency and there’s still a flashing yellow 1. I’ve never been able to figure that one out. Have you had that happen before?


Doesn’t ring a bell, but that’s not surprising given that I have CRS!

CRS only gets more advanced from here on out, buddy. :)

Dang CRS, so that’s why I can’t remember where in the world my car keys are…hmmm! Some may call this “Sometimers.”

Your title is great and the story even better not click bait at all

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I almost got kicked for that too xD GHamsz information worked well for me too, i just click on the white aircraft and issue a command to another.

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thanks. i think i tried everything possible but in the end, he got me instead… i thought this entire sequence of events was unusual and very entertaining after looking back at the story. Tim Beckman witnessed everything from the JFK tarmac too. just wanted to share something different and fun today.

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i didnt know an IFATC could get ghosted while controlling

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Not ghosted I think, more like getting kicked from their current session


CRS? What does that mean?

Can’t Remember …


correct. they didn’t actually press a button to ghost me, however the circumstances played out to get me kicked from the server very similar to what happens in a ghosting by IFATC

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When in doubt, head on over to your local Urban Dictionary.

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I’ve had this happen to me. You keep clicking over to whatever one is blinking and there’s no aircraft there on your frequency. Then you click off to the opposite freq and its still blinking. So frustrating!!!

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