IFATC for KLAX for my Event

I need IFATC to help make my event as realistic as possible! KLAX is on the schedule for Saturday.

Here’s a link to my event.

It has been brought up with us. Cant promise that we will be there though… :)


IFATC works hard at providing great atc services all over the world, to all of those who play IF. They run on a schedule. Maybe you could check and see if there is someone scheduled to be at KLAX at the time of you’re event. If not they will try their best to be there for you’re event. But there are no guarantees they will. As they have a life outside of IF


He linked this weeks schedule in the post…

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As do I have a life and I understand there is no guarantee.

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I linked next weeks schedule!

Its Saturday, close enough…

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I did see that. But I was just clarifying things for him :)

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Haha yeah that’s true.

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