IFATC for just One Frequency

I was wondering if it is possible to be an IFATC for just one type of frequency. I really enjoy being the ground ATC and I’m good at it but I’m not so good tower. Could I still become an IFATC for just ground?


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When an IFATC Scout trains you up you will be trained for both fields, even though at the moment you’re only really good at ground.

To become IFATC you need to pass some examinations. The greater part of those include the tower position, so no, you need to know tower and ground.


Thank you carson


I know we need to know about every frequency, but do we have to control ground and tower / departure and approach at the same time? If so, can you state why? (Because I’ve never seen such air trafic controlling in the real life, may be in the rural area or less traffic airfield/airports, or at least I haven’t been.

@Shuuichi_Furusawa No, no. You are able to control one frequency at a time, or more if you like. :)


No not at the same time, as IFATC you can control whatever you’d wish. However for the exam you will need to control tower and ground as most people like to control those together.

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Okay, when I contacted with recruter, he said I need to take both ground and tower at busy airport (have traffic at least 5 at the same time) So I gave up. It was so hard to get such airport’s frequencies tower and ground. Nowadays I think I can, but… Untill the bug goes away, I can’t apply😒

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You don’t have to get busy airports for your test if that’s what you meant… Once you choose the airport they will make it busy😄


How does it come up on the radar? Doesn’t matter what it looks like from any cam, as long as you can see them on the radar screen you send commands from

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I could do if I am controlling ground or ground and tower, but I always focus the rader of the tower frequency to cover all the active airfield, so it is impossible to spot the aircraft that is first in line. (Especially when people requests at whole time even they are not first in line) Just that doesn’t suits to my controling method.

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Do you mean test pilots? I guess there wasn’t such system when I tried to apply😑

Sort of…I think it was there from the time atc was introduced…u can apply now…don’t have to open Lax or San…I guess you can give your test in any airfield you are comfortable

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Actually, to clarify for you guys, the tester will instruct you to open Ground and Tower frequency at a certain airport they will tell you, then they will call upon the testers to show up as other pilots, and they send feedback on your controlling

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Yeah…that’s it

After you have passed the tests and qualified to be an official IF controller,feel free to choose your own preferred frequency(be it any,and be it any one frequency) and ask fellow controllers to tag with you on the other,for a smoother and efficient service rendition.
But for the test,you need to have adequate knowledge for both tower and ground.
It’s like you have to learn all subjects for your exam,but then you have the choice to specialise on one.


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