IFATC for Events

So I recently made an event linked below:

And 15 pilots have signed up and I’m concerned without IFATC it will be chaotic due to Kona’s tight airport layout of gates. So I was wondering how can I find IFATC who are free/willing to control the airport?


IFATC will decide which event they would like to control at, and they do not take requests.

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Ok thanks I was just curious


Hey, that event is still a few weeks away so it’s possible no IFATC have looked at it yet.

As the event gets closer, someone will hopefully express intent to staff it. Remember this can be as soon as a few hours before an event. We have a bot that posts events internally about a half hour before they begin to make sure controllers are staffing everything they can :)


Awesome! Thanks so much for your help have a good one.


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