IFATC for Events Policy

Due to the high number of requests for IFATC Services for #live:events on the Expert Server we will no longer be accepting direct requests via PM.

Moving forward I will incorporate an event, whether VA or general user, into the weekly Expert Server ATC schedule one time per month much like you see here:


I will browse the #live:events category periodically and choose well-organized and unique events that have a solid commitment. This will provide more incentive to put thought and effort into events to ensure they’re professional, organized, and more enjoyable for all. This policy is subject to change based on application feedback over the coming months.

I appreciate your understanding and look forward to providing top-notch ATC services for your event!


I like the change. Well done IFATC! Can’t wait to see you at future events! :)

I like this new policy, means that IFATC controllers are being stretched out with there services all the time!

So with this new policy Tyler,

Will the rest of the day (When the event isnt taking place) be Controllers Choice?

Yup, they can stay within the theme of the event or determine within where they’d like to control. I’ll likely stick with more involved and sustained events for that exact reason.


excelent idea. loved it. but with this new theme. suppose i’ve not taken part in Cincinnati flyout. but if in that time I’m free for a short flight or pattern and I want to fly under the atc. can i still take a gate…?

Yes absolutely. I will have nothing to do with organization of events, gate assignments, etc but anyone is welcome to use ATC services in or out of the event parameters.

Most wont be aware that an event is even happening which we understand. 🙂


I like this idea! I think it will really bring more attention to all the events on IFC, and being an Event Coordinator myself, I’m excited to see which events will be chosen.

Two questions though; 1) does this only apply to events taking place on expert server and 2) will the events be announced on the ATC schedule list or on the event thread?

Thanks, Tyler!

I have some answers to your questions:

1: yes, only expert server events
2: any events that will be featured will be on the ATC expert schedule post


It’s awesome that some of the more creative and well thought out events that are put on by some pretty hard working event creators will be highlighted in such a way! 👏🏼