IFATC FNF Iberia Takeover

Iberic IFATC Takeover!


Welcome pilots and controllers to the Friday Night Flight’s ATC Iberia Takeover! Today we will begin the controlling madness at 1800z with no set end time! Come on by for some fun!

Featured Airports

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Airport Local Radar
LEMD Madrid @theaviationgallery @alberto_lopez
LEBG Burgos @BinaryChess
LEVC Valencia @Z-Tube
LEMG Malaga @DannyHL
LEBB Bilbao @Saharsh
LEPP Pamplona @bruno_salvi1
LPPT Lisbon @ToasterStroodie @ShaneAviation
LPPR Porto
LEXJ Santander @captainjam

Lisboa Center: @Krypton


You bet I’ll be there for this!

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Come on down people, you won’t regret it! You may also be vectored into the mountain, courtesy of @ShaneAviation. im just kidding :)


:O Valencia’s going to be open? I’ll be sure to swing by.

Thanks all of you involved in this!!!

Specially @ToasterStroodie for helping me on the thread!!!



Bonus points for stopping at Bilboa

I can’t fly right now. But I will later!

Should be a ton of fun, looking forward to seeing you all there!

Free one year IF Pro subscription for visiting me and @ShaneAviation at Lisbon!


Anybody know if there will be any center frequencies open?

We’re working on it!


These are always fun! I cant stay long though :(

I see you at LEVC! Enjoy my controlling. 😝

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Yep! Heading off to Kiev on this fine evening. :)

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Oh my god Santander! Woohoo

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I’m holding you to your words. ;)


The FIRs do be looking mighty nice to open tho, Balloon

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Somebody’s about to lose a lot of money. 😬

LEMD is open! We offer a free 2 year subscription, as well as free cookies here 😉

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Everyone go to LEMD! Quick!

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