•| IFATC / Expert Server Only |• Departure Via Specific Waypoint

In real life, all airlines depart via a specific waypoint or route.

For example: At YMML (Melbourne) Departure RWY 16:

Track to Waypoint HORSH; Turn Right.

Track to Waypoint ALBAK; Turn Right.

Track 316° to Waypoint KEPPA; be cleared Departure following FPL or to specific airport.

My Preposition

When departing, request a specific waypoint you will be departing to / from.

IF Example

Pilot Emirates 408, requesting takeoff, RWY16, Departure via HORSH.

ATC Emirates 408, takeoff approved, RWY 16, Departure approved via HORSH.

ATC Emirates 408, await clearance before following FPL

Pilot Roger, Emirates 408.

reaches HORSH

ATC Emirates 408, clearance approved.

Pilot Roger, Thank You, Good Day.

It would go something like that. I’m no ATC expert so I might get something wrong in that case.

For IF, this feature would prove helpful with sequencing the planes that are departing not just arriving.

If a plane that was landing at an airport with 2 landing strips in the same direction (e.g 25L and 25R) was landing at 25L you wouldn’t want a plane departing towards that plane. On some occasions, the ATC will reject the request to depart via a waypoint due to the sequencing of arriving planes. So the ATC will have an option to depart via a waypoint in the airports vicinity / 10nm.

Again, this is for Expert server / IFATC only.


I get why this exists, but I can only see it adding more clutter to Expert, like the engine start request. It would also require ATC to watch every aircraft as they depart.

I’m not IFATC, but I feel like this is just a way to get “Realism” into the game, but all it does is add extra clutter.


If this was implemented I think we would have to put in a clearance delivery frequency or have ground clear peoples IFR flight plans.

Yes, I agree with you. However, ATC will not have to look over every Departure, they could hopefully just trust everyone on the Expert Server to do the right thing!

I think for IFR flight plans you really need to be able to talk to the controller. Some people don’t know how to use charts and this is one thing that might confuse people.

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