Ifatc examination

Greetings all.

I will be taking the IFATC Examination on Friday . Any tips ?
Oscar lam

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@Z-Tube Can you help you. He took the test not too long ago.I’m not experienced with it, but I may join IFATC soon.

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Hello there! Do you have an ATC tracking thread? This is one of the best ways to get better at ATC controlling and it certainly helped me pass my practical. If not message me and I can help you create one!

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All the best! And stay calm

Good luck on your written or practical! Before then, I’d recommend taking a look at the ATC manual here.

Also you can watch the YouTube tutorials on infinite flights YouTube channel if you are a visual learner.

If you are taking the written, when it comes time to the test, make sure you are reading the questions thoroughly as the easiest mistakes can happen when misreading even a single word.

Take your time but don’t spend too much time on any singular question as that test does have a time limit.

If you are taking the practical, this video will help you tremendously: https://youtu.be/h6vvTq2yxuk

I hope to see you in IFATC very soon!


While watching the tutorials and reading guides will help, make sure to focus, remain calm, and enjoy it! Don’t think of it as a test as it’ll only stress you out. Just be calm and think logically.

On a side note, you’ll do great! Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions or concerns prior to the exam. I am here to help!

don’t have tracking

It’s never too late to create one! See below for a full tutorial.


Hey, Oscar! I’m glad to hear you’re seeking to join IFATC! Seeing as your test (not sure if it’s a written or practical) is on Friday, I’d recommend you take some time to study the ATC Manual linked above by @Drummer and @Captain_74gear. Regardless of the test, you will be tested on tower and ground concepts. For now, you’ll only need to read Sections 2 and 3 of the manual. Don’t worry about radar, ATIS, and the other sections for the time being.

In terms of the written test, I can’t emphasize how important it is to read each question completely, and thoroughly. Most mistakes are made because people don’t read the question completely. Also, don’t rush the test. The time allotted is more than enough! Use all the time you have to make sure your answers are correct, and that you’ve read each question and understood it entirely before answering. I’d also recommend you have some pen and paper nearby. You can also take the practice test to get a feel for what the written is like, as well as gauge how you’ll do on the real deal. You have two total attempts to take the practice test.

For the practical, I’d recommend you watch the “Perfect Test” video linked by @Drummer. It’ll show you everything to expect in the actual test. In the meantime, you can practice your skills by starting a tracking thread. Instructions are linked by @Z-Tube above. Some of the most common mistakes us testers see on the practical are people over stressing and making many small mistakes, or people who just haven’t really had the time to practice controlling. People will also get flustered by all the flashing lights from multiple planes calling in. Just remember to handle the planes one at a time, and remain calm. The tracking thread is a great way to get some physical practice in. Don’t think of the practical test as a test; treat it as a normal session of controlling. That’ll help keep your nerves down, which will keep your performance and focus top notch. I’d also recommend you open up on test day a bit earlier, just to familiarize yourself with the airport.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to address before your test(s); I’d be glad to help out! Good luck!


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