For the record, I studied a lot before the test. Rushing just make me feel less under pressured.
You can hardly beat a Chinese or Hong Kong student in an exam just because we spent most of our time learning how to do an exam instead of learning the subject. So the test was just so easy for me.


I rush it only because I am somewhat confident that I will know all the answers of the test. So the main reason I will choose the answer wrong is that I am under too much pressure. You use your time only when you are not sure about your answer. Sometimes people will think it is easy to overlook a question so you have to take your time and double check your answers, but from my personal experience, it is mainly cause by pressure. If you are not under pressure, the chances of overlooking a question is low. That’s why rushing will more likely give me a better result than taking my time. Again, just a tactic for doing written exam, won’t suit for anyone.


Make sure you read every choice in each question before selecting an answer. Some answers may look good, but there may be a better one below it.


It is a multiple choice exam, practice the methods used to answer questions in an SAT. Eliminate the worst answers first, it’ll saturate your options and give you the ability to answer with a clear and simplified mind.

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We should all be professors since we all have such great advice for exams.


I made it all ! Thanks for the Tips thx


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