IFATC Event Timelapse - Show Me State Flyout @ KSTL

Hello Everyone!

On 4/17/2021, I controlled Ground and Tower, while @United2 controlled as Approach and Departure at KSTL, at my event. We had a ton of fun controlling and is the most traffic I have ever controlled (as of 4/17/2021)

I decided to make a timelapse of the event, and wanted to show off the timelapse.

Controlling Details

Local Frequency: @Smile760981
Radar Frequency: @United2
Session Length: 01:01:36
Date: 04/17/2021
Event: The Show-Me State Flyout @ KSTL

Thank you to @United2 for helping out in the event!

Thanks for viewing my topic!


I see myself. 😏

Great controlling guys!